Bank receipt service 银行收单服务


The credit card issuance institutions and the acquirers shall actively utilize this system when handling the relevant businesses.


China's payment systems mainly included paper-based, non-local fund transfer systems, electronic interbank systems, local clearing houses, electronic intra-bank clearing systems, internal card-based payment systems (ATM and debit cards) and Post Office clearing.


In terms of payment instruments (like cash, checks, credit cards and e-currencies), China's non-cash payment instruments dealt with 21.41 billion transactions, involving 715.75 trillion yuan.


For withdrawal with foreign-currency card on CCB ATM, all commissions are decided and charged by card issuing bank. As acquiring bank, CCB does not make charges directly from customers; 

bank of deposit 开户行

Account No:账号

Account Name:账户名

Transition Date:记账日期

Transition Time:记账时间

Transition Amount:记账金额

Amount Balance:余额

Transition Title:交易名称

Transition Channe:交易渠道

Branch Name:网点名称


Debit card:借记卡

Credit card: 贷记卡

付款方法 mode of payment 

现金付款 payment by cash/cash payment/payment by ready cash 

以支票支付 payment by cheque 

以汇票支付 payment by bill 

以物品支付 payment in kind 

付清/支付全部货款 payment in full/full payment 

支付部分货款/分批付款 payment in part/part payment/partial payment 

记账付款/会计账目内付款 payment on account 

定期付款 payment on term 

年分期付款 annual payment 

月分期付款 monthly payment/monthly instalment 

延滞付款 payment in arrear 

预付货/先付 payment in advance/prepayment 

延付货款 deferred payment 

立即付款 prompt payment/immediate payment 

暂付款 suspense payment 

延期付款 delay in payment/extension of payment 

cross-border settlement 跨境结算

Non-cash payment instruments非现金支付工具

bankcard transactions 银行卡交易

mobile payment 移动支付

payment systems 支付体系/系统

Payment And Clearing 支付清算

Payment And Settlement Organizations 支付清算组织

现金帐户 Cash account   
预付现金 Cash advance 
凭提货单支付现金 Cash against Bill of Lading (B/L) 
凭单据付现款||凭装货单付现款 Cash against Documents 
现金资产 Cash assets 
现金结存||现金差额 Cash balance 
现收现付制||现金收付制 Cash basis 
付现款后交货||交货前付现款 Cash before delivery 
装运前付现款 Cash before shipment 
现金交易 Cash dealing 
现款押金||现金存款 Cash deposit 

现金折扣||现金贴现 Cash discount 
付现款||现金支付 Cash payment 
现金结算 Cash settlement 
货到付现款 Cash on delivery (C.O.D.)(Eng.) 
货到收现款 Collect on delivery (C.O.D.)(Am.) 
承兑后若干天付款 days after acceptance (D/A) 
开票日后若干日 days after date (D/D) 
见票后若干日 days after sight (D/S) 
定期汇票 date draft 
承兑交单 documents against acceptance (D/A)||documentary Bill for Acceptance (D/A) 
付款交单 documents against payment (D/P) 
折扣 discount (DC) 
付现款时2%折扣 less 2% due net cash 
现款5%折扣 5% for cash 
一个月内付款2%折扣 2% one month 
三个月内付款需现金 3 months net 
立即付现款 prompt cash 
付现款 net cash||ready cash||cash 
汇票(美) draft 
汇票(英) bill of exchange 

见票即付||即期汇票 draft at sight||sight draft 

托收汇票 draft for collection||bill for collection 
来取即付汇票 draft on demand||bill on demand 
见票后 .. 天付款 draft at .. days' date 
跟单汇票 draft with documents atta ched||documentary draft 
无追索权汇票 draft without recourse 
银行汇票 bank draft 
银行汇票||银行票据 banker's draft 
商业汇票 merchant's draft 
电汇 cable draft 
折扣汇票 discount draft 

被拒付汇票 dishonoured draft

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